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Updated June 13, 2014

We are now accepting advertisers for our 2014 sponshorship campaigns. We will run no more than 10 campaigns at any given time, so act now if you want to be guaranteed a spot in our banner rotation.

We presently have FIVE ad banner campaigns available for purchase.

Contact us at advertising@hauntforum.com to book an ad right away.

HauntForum.com offers a great opportunity for you to advertise your product or service on one of the most-viewed Halloween web sites on the internet. In 2014 we served up 7,178,548 pages to the visitors of our web site. Thatís over 7 million opportunities/year for an advertisement to be seen by potential customers.

When you sign up to sponsor our site with one of the packages listed below, you will receive unlimited banner impressions on all of the pages of our web site as part of our ad banner rotation. You will also receive an advertisement in one of our e-mail newsletters (newsletters are sent out a few times per year to our member base of over 14000 users).

We are offering a number of options this year so you can choose from either a long-term campaign for those of you interested in being a sponsor for the long haul, or a short-term campaign for the budget-minded or those unsure of committing to a long-term deal.
  • Two Month Campaign $100 ($50.00/month)
    Ads will begin running ASAP and end 60 days after the start of the campaign.
  • Four Month Campaign $170 ($42.50/month, 15% Savings)
    Ads will begin running ASAP and end 120 days after the start of the campaign.
  • Six Month Campaign $240 ($40.00/month, 20% Savings)
    Ads will begin running ASAP and end 180 days after the start of the campaign.
  • Full Year $450 ($37.50/month, 25% Savings)
    Your ads will run starting ASAP and end 365 days after the start of the campaign.
In addition to the above "Standard" campaigns, we are also offering a few special advertising opportunities at a rate of $15 per month or an entire year for $100. These special opportunities are:
  • Exclusive sponsorship of our chat room. Your ad will appear right above our chat room on the chat page.
  • Exclusive "Haunted Happenings" sponsorship. Your ad will appear just above the "Haunted Happenings" box on our main page.
All advertising customers will receive a url where they can log in and track their advertising banner's statistics and change their banner should the need to do so arise. This account will be set up within three days of your payment being received.

If you are interested in advertising with HauntForum.com or have any questions, please contact us at advertising@hauntforum.com for more details. We are willing to work with you to get your business advertised.

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