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Introducing MonkeyBasic's VirtualHaunt

08-06-2011, 11:27 PM

I'm pleased to announce "VirtualHaunt"!!!

VirtualHaunt was developed to help haunters visualize their 3-axis skulls in virtualized 3D world. Allowing haunters to program their skeleton buddies all year long without having to pull out all of the Halloween supplies. (Which may or may not annoy many spouses, especially when setting up your Halloween buddies in the living room in July.)

VirtualHaunt works by monitoring the data being sent to a serial port and emulating the servo controller that is typically connected, so most programs will work.

Don’t have a 3-Axis skull? You can use VirtualHaunt in its place… Set up a projector in your haunt or a TV/Monitor in a window. There are lots of possibilities.

Screenshot(s) of VirtualHaunt:

VirtualHaunt Skull projected on a tree.

Video demos:
VirtualHaunt Quartet Demo

VirtualHaunt Outdoor Demo

Visit ( for more information (including Video Tutorials and User Guides).

As always, any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email.

Happy Haunting,

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