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Jon Hyers Custom FX Service Demo - new FX

03-05-2013, 04:21 AM
Hello Haunters:

Jon Hyers here again from Jon Hyers Visual Effects, aka Since 1985, I've done custom video work, often for places such as 3M, Cray Supercomputers. But since 2006 really, I've offered these services to theme parks, museums and haunted attractions. So I have a very fun youtube for you to watch which reality THREE things. The primary purpose is to explain the basics of how I consult and produce custom Projection Effects "videos" which could be Blueray, DVD or just the files for a media player. This is covered pretty well AND in a neat way, with me sitting in front of a really cool projectable "castle-like" interior with magic candles.

This youtube, most importantly also shows both my latest effects which are going in a film, Harry Murdoch and the Curse of the Grim Reaper, and it shows, visually, my current capabilities of fairly advanced 3D motion and multi-layer compositing. When you watch this, a lot of this is going to look like CGI, but I swear to the Gods of Halloween that it's NOT CGI. Only some magic flashes, and a walking skelton are in fact Computer Generated. I work in real objects, actors, and energy. I use Lasers to create the various Green Clouds and Magic you will see. We use Bluescreen, camera tracks, and the 3D motion capability of Aftereffects, in order to produce the composites and some of the motion and matting.

Jon Hyers Consulting demo - YouTube

SO, this is what I can do for you in the general sense, for any of you who run more major parks with a budget. Otherwise, most of these effects will be derived into longer loops and put into a number of 2013 release DVDs, such as The Invisible Man for example. Enjoy it thanks.