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Scaremation 2013

10-02-2013, 11:24 PM
A new animation now available at (!...

Mansion Parlour 2 (Deluxe Anniversary Edition!)… the ‘spiritual’ successor to the popular Halloween display animation that started it all for us here at Scaremation!

We took the 3D room model we built for the original 2011 animation, dramatically improved and refined it with more props and detailed visual effects… completely replacing all the old animation with loads of brand new events and characters, creating a totally new and updated revisiting of the popular haunted residence!


-Over Twice The Length Of The Original! (An event-packed 8 1/2 minutes!)

-Over 25 Brand New And Unique Events! (New characters and critters, as well as some of the original characters from the pre-Scaremation home version we used at our Scaresdale Manor haunt!)

-Dramatically Refined And Improved Visual Effects And Details! (Fog, floating dust, cobwebs, randomly evolving shafts of light and other cool optical effects!)

-Completely New Atmospheric Audio Track! (Thunder, wind, creaks, impacts, screams and insane laughter!)

-Rats, Ravens, Maggots and Coffin Goo!

Also, the original Parlour Animation 1 will be retired after 2013, and we are now offering it at over 50% off the original price while it's still around!

Plus, there's the rest of the Scaremation animation library, and more still to come this year , at (!