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11-02-2006, 05:59 PM
As per request, This is not a new prop but I have received requests to post how it was constructed. See below for link to construction pics.


here is how this cauldron is made

11-02-2006, 06:25 PM
did you use a bucket in the middle to attach the cardboard pieces to?

11-02-2006, 06:32 PM
Oh sorry. I guess that's not in there as I did that the previous year. Holly's ex had shown me how to construct one of these.

Use a bucket, your choice of size. I had used what i had, a 5 gallon pail.

Then cut numerous cardboard circles that have the same diameter as the length of the bucket, then cut them all in half so you have numerous half circle shapes.

Then using duct tape attach them all to the bucket, flat side against the bucket spacing them as evenly as possible. So when you look from above, you have created a sun kinda shape.

Then originally I had just covered the whole thing in duct tape, knowing that next year (05) I would remake it nice and sturdy with mache.

Does that all make sense?

11-03-2006, 02:52 PM
does to me...........i thought I remembered those step by step instructions w/the pics