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2011 $20 Prop Challenge: Graveyard Madness Do you think you can make a great prop for under 20 bucks? Then join in on the 2011 $20 Prop Challenge and test your skills against other HauntForum members. Hosted by HauntForum with prizes from HauntCast, Juneau Studios, Jon Hyers and Stolloween!

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Old 07-03-2011
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Excellent paper mache Halloween prop!
I like you killer plant way better than mine!!!
Great Haunting work!
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Old 07-04-2011
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I love it! They really do have a life to them. I love the teeth and that little bit of blood hanging from them. Great job!
Old 07-08-2011
gshoop gshoop is offline
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I really like the look of this and I'm going to see if I can figure a way to make a snapping version.
Old 07-10-2011
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Me likey! I planned on making a large venus flytrap or something like this for the haunt this year, but with the other projects on my plate it may have to wait until next year.
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Old 07-15-2011
JoyisPlaying JoyisPlaying is offline
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This is amazing. Gets my creative juices flowing!
Old 07-19-2011
beatlerat beatlerat is offline
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I have a question. Before breaking or making any cuts into my balloons, I am looking into several ways to attach my stems. I plan on using a wire stiffer than hanger wire to support what I feel may be moderately heavy plant heads. My concern is the structural integrity of the paper mache. I have 5 layers on the balloons now and plan on at least one, maybe two more.
My plan as of now is to form a circle at the end of the wire/stem (of sufficient size to provide for maximum area) and attach it with hot glue to the back of the balloon head. Then, paper mache a star pattern over the wire to hide it and to look like a sepal.
Am I over thinking this process or does anyone have any suggestions for attaching my wire/stems?

By the way hauntedkimmy, great plant!
Old 08-04-2011
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Sorry I didn't see this until now beatlerat. I cut holes on the underside of mine in an X and pushed through the x with the stick and reinforced then with the hot glue and sepal petals. It seems to work great...I've had my plant out since I posted it and my kids and dogs bump it frequently without issue. I had about 5 coats on mine as well. Hope that helps.

I thought of using a wire too and making it look tendril like at the edge, but it didn't seem to need it.
Old 02-25-2012
zopie71 zopie71 is offline
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This is fantastic! This year I'm doing my first yard haunt with the theme of a mutated garden and this project is very inspiring! thanks for sharing it.
Old 03-02-2012
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This being Haunt Forum, we're allowed to necro threads, right?

I just wanted to say that the *awesome* job you did with the teeth really makes this prop come alive!
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