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Originally Posted by HauntingVS View Post
Do you recall who the vendors where in the past and what they might have donated?
Take a look at the prop challenge archives here:

Donors and prizes are listed for each contest that had prizes, which was most of them except for the couple most recent contests.
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Old 6 Days Ago
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Thanks for the intel.
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Originally Posted by Headless View Post
I hope the assistance is better than the other site. I haven't been able to access the site for a long while. I don't try often, but tried again tonight and got the same message - that it wasn't working and had redirected me to Facebook too many times - I wasn't trying to access it via Facebook. I went to send a message via Facebook and discovered the unanswered message I had sent in September last year asking the same thing.......
This is a known issue with vb4, we have a fix for it. If you send me a pm with the username you use on the other site I can work on getting your account status restored.
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Well, thank you ZF for giving this site's such a great source for prop making, scene setting ideas, photos and fellowship for all things Halloween. For the most part the members here are super supportive, intensely creative and some of the best people I know. I've never asked for help here where I did not get help from many, many members, including offers to send me things that I would need to complete a prop.
Welcome to the forum, new owners. I hope you keep the integrity of this site I've come to love, and please don't dilute the core values of this site and the members here. In all honesty it's the members that make Hauntforum what it is. I totally get it about having to run ads to pay the bills, for nothing in this life is free.....well....except maybe wire coat hangers, cardboard, scrap foam and occasionally, the odd wig head.
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Thanks for everything, Dave. Good luck and keep on keepin' on.
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Thanks for the gratitude, everyone. I will still be around, just not as the boss monster any more. lol

"Abash’d the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is."
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Originally Posted by jdubbya View Post
Perhaps the voice of dissent here but I've become increasingly unhappy with Halloween forum, simply due to the flood of ads everywhere on the site. I know the same issue was discussed at length over there when larry stepped down as admin. It gives the site a commercial feel and IMO, detracts from the community atmosphere. I'm guessing Haunt Forum will now experience the same ad banners all over the place?
I know I haven't been around much myself these days for various other reasons so maybe my voice here doesn't hold much weight. But I'm gonna second this.

I know ads pay the bills for a lot of sites. But these days ads have become overly intrusive on simply enjoying the content of a site. And for me anything more than a banner at the top of each page is incredibly intrusive. Nothing worse than scrolling through a tutorial post than to be greeted by ads posing as pseudo posts right in the middle of a thread. And to make it worse, rarely have they been targeted based on the content I'm reading. I'm seeing a LOT of this over at Halloween Forum since the transition and it hasn't really gotten any better.

The other problem that started happening were spam posts of the worst kind. I usually get my updates via RSS in my reader which doesn't block spam or ads. At least when I'm on site my ad blockers have been fairly and mostly effective. And I can selectively not read the spam.

Again both of these topics have been discussed ad nauseum (pardon the pun) on Halloween Forum with a lot of empty promises to fix it but not much done about it.


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