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Press Releases and Announcements

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  1. Made the DETROIT NEWS!!!!!!!
  2. is on its way
  3. Six Flags eat a roach promotion....mmmm mmmm
  4. Pictures of your haunt needed!
  5. Wednesday and Pugsly look alike contest
  6. Instructables Contest
  7. HGTV is coming to Brewster Yard Haunt!
  8. Local Newspaper Called about halloween tower today....
  9. We made page 3 of our local newspaper!!!
  10. Made the paper!
  11. Star Tribune doing an article on my collection
  12. Horror Film Contest
  13. Halloween-L/Howl & Haunt Community Video Compilation 2006
  14. Coming SOON
  15. 1 week notice Update - Your Halloween-L & Haunters Everywhere Video Compilation
  16. New Line Up
  17. LAST CALL - Halloween-L & Haunters Everywhere Video
  18. Haunt Forum Signature Book
  19. I've Been Published In HAM!!
  20. Thank you Frighteners Entertainment
  21. MHC Call For Speakers
  22. Contest...Try and Win
  23. UpDated Contest info...More Prizes
  24. MAJOR Ironstock announcement
  25. Hauntcast show announcements
  26. Marilyn Lack making guest appearance!
  27. Hauntcon call-in wanted
  28. New Halloween Haunt & Horror Comedy & Music Shows Launched
  29. HAUNTERS NOTICE Curb Day Friday Night Across The Nation
  30. MHC call-in needed
  31. Hauntcast 18 Promo
  32. McHenry Museum (Modesto CA) - Halloween Then & Now
  33. EZE Radio Halloween Live!
  34. Haunters Video Awards Deadline is Around the Corner!
  35. Seeking Upstate NY Haunters
  36. Halloween on Blogtv
  37. Live on BlogTV
  38. MonkeyBasic is looking for BETA testers w/ 3-Axis skulls
  39. Hauntcast 32 is available!
  40. Press Release
  41. Hauntcast Drink & Think 7/14
  42. Topic suggestions for Theater of the Mind?
  43. Jon Hyers Visual Effects News Stories
  44. Jon Hyers Products at
  45. Hauntcast Grossery Store
  46. Hauntcast 33 is on the air
  47. Introducing MonkeyBasic's VirtualHaunt
  48. ShellHawk, Mr. Chicken, and Madame Leota... Live! This Sunday!
  49. Sorry Forgot, Jon Hyers Effects other announcements/webstores
  50. Jon Hyers Important Product Corrections [two]
  51. Jon Hyers/Morris Costumes Retail Stores Projection Tutorial
  52. Attention All Home Haunters - home haunt documentary
  53. Hauntcast 34 airs 9/2
  54. Hauntcast 34 is on the loose
  55. Hauntcast Ring Tones
  56. Send in the clowns - to Midnight Syndicate
  57. MonkeyBasic is having another SALE!!!
  58. Hauntcast 35 Airs Friday 10/7
  59. Hauntcast 35 is off the chain
  60. Nightmare City Halloween 2011
  61. Hauntcast 36 has been served
  62. All Hallows Radio (Starting Tue Nov 28, 2011)
  63. Darklight THANK YOU SALE: 20% off Precision Z + Free Shipping until 12/1!
  64. american scream
  65. Hgtv - Calling All Extreme Halloween Fans!
  66. Molds and casting class
  67. YOU can Resurrect HauntCast!
  68. Haunted Voodoo Show
  69. Shocktail Hour Podcast
  70. The Second Annual Home Haunters Website Giveaway
  71. Another Round of Facebook Contests
  72. Hauntcast has risen from the grave!
  73. This week on Cheap Creeps
  74. There's a new haunted podcast in town - The Big Scary Show
  75. 2013 haunted halloween calendar!
  76. Cheap Creeps ZOMBIE edition
  77. let me throw my podcast into the ring - HATU
  78. BIG SCARY SHOW Episode 2 is now online!
  79. Website for my new Haunt in Tampa, FL
  80. The Big Scary Show's special HAuNTcon coverage
  81. First new promo-video for Fear For Your Life Haunted Experience
  82. Hauntcast Season 2 Remastered
  83. Hall'ween Machine
  84. New episode of the BIG SCARY SHOW (Garage of Evil, MHC and the RoT)
  85. A new interview with Terra featuring her spider prop tutorial.
  86. Episode V of the Big Scary Show (Angus Scrimm, David Prowse and other interviews)
  87. An Exclusive Interview with the HaunTopic Radio Crew
  88. JON HYERS Magic and Wizards DVD 2
  89. JON HYERS my other 2012 DVDs so far
  90. Hauntbox: A New Prop Controller
  91. Episode VI of the Big Scary Show: More MHC than you can handle
  92. New Big Scary Show - More MHC coverage. Women in the haunt industry, and more
  93. Latest Big Scary Show a day early! MHC windup, 'Face Off' roundtable, news, and more
  94. Jon Hyers 2012 Product on my website
  95. Shocktail Hour ep. 6!
  96. Attention all Claustrophobia owners
  97. Halloween Machine Magazine AUGUST ISSUE
  98. Video Projection Effects by Spectral Illusions
  99. Big Scary Show's 'Gruesome Giveaway' rules now posted
  100. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Richard Moll, Kitsie Duncan, Late-night horror hosts, more
  101. HAUNTCAST 41 – “Mockingbird Heights”
  102. Haunted House Live Video Stream at the Wicked West Ghost Town
  103. Jon Hyers Develops 3DTV use with Old Paper Glasses
  104. New Big Scary Show: Atmosfears UK, Jimmy Psycho, Paranormal roundtable, more
  105. Shocktail Hour 7
  106. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Ari Lehman, Chad Savage, winner of Gruesome Giveaway, more!
  107. Halloween Machine Magazine SEPTEMBER ISSUE
  108. Top Haunts Magazine 2012 Top 13 Haunts
  109. New Foam Filled Masks & Hands Available
  110. CASTING for Haunted Collector Season 3 on Syfy
  111. 2012 American Home Haunt Contest
  112. Hauntcast 42 is now slaying
  113. JON HYERS - MPEG Downloads of FX
  114. JON HYERS - BLUERAY discs of FX
  115. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Legendary Haunt Tour, Scarefest, Pumpkinteeth, Zombie Roundtable
  116. Attack Zombies from VFX Creative Studios
  117. Zippy the mailbox post dragon.
  118. Shocktail Hour 8 with blkvampires
  119. Forever Lost: Creepy adventure game for iPhone/iPad
  120. Halloween Machine BIG OCTOBER ISSUE!
  121. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Lance Henrickson, Laura Dark, Ernie Hudson, more
  122. MonkeyBasic - Animatronic Software: October Sale!!!
  123. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Fear Fair, PJ Soles/Mary Woronov, Victor Ives, more
  124. Haunted Attraction Directory - has over 2000 listings
  125. Monsters through History - on Radio
  126. Halloween Mixtape Dos and Don'ts
  127. Halloween 2012 WRAP UP...
  128. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Doug Bradley, Midnight Syndicate, Backwoodz Oddities, more
  129. Shocktail Hour – “Episode 9″ Full Episode with Vegas Rhythm Kings
  130. Anything Ghost
  131. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Denise Crosby, Dee Wallace, Beki Ingram, more
  132. Canadian Haunters Association Home Haunter Award Contest!
  133. Hauntcast 44 "Merry Krampus" is now available
  134. New BIG SCARY SHOW: 'The American Scream', Joe Moe, Giveaway winner, more
  135. Shocktail Hour 10 with Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
  136. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Brom, 'Krampus - The Yule Lord', Jack Wallen, more
  137. Hauntcast 45 "Room 237" summons you
  138. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Tyler Mane, Jim Cornette, propmakers roundtable, more
  139. Shocktail Hour 11 with BlakOPz
  140. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Breaking MS news, Transworld, Mask-makers Roundtable, more
  141. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Breaking MHC news, John Migliore, CHAC, Makeup roundtable, more
  142. New Classic Horror-themed Midnight Syndicate CD this summer
  143. Home Haunters DVD collection 2012
  144. Shocktail Hour – “Episode 12″ with The Gutter Ghouls
  145. A Pen to Die For!
  146. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Leonard Pickel, Shane Dabbs, costumers roundtable, more
  147. Hauntcast 47 now slaying!
  148. Jon Hyers Custom FX Service Demo - new FX
  149. New BIG SCARY SHOW: National Haunters Convention, Butch Patrick, Craig Hines, More...
  150. Sammy Terry Apperance
  151. Haunter's Video Show Tonight
  152. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Transworld and Dead Winter Con SPECIAL SHOW
  153. Shocktail Hour 13 with Calabrese
  154. New Custom Haunt Media and Halloween Projection DVD's
  155. Hauntcast 48 season 4 finale is available & FREE for all
  156. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Halloween Extreme, Walter Phelan, The American Scream, more
  157. Haunt Nation eZine
  158. Attention all haunters & haunt fans!
  159. Help for Haunter's With Selling Tickets
  160. New BIG SCARY BIRTHDAY SHOW: West Coast Haunters Convention, Mark Torgl, more!
  161. Shocktail Hour 14 with Stellar Corpses
  162. Keen Halloween!
  163. Lord Grimley's Manor New Monstrous Masks and more ... 2013
  164. New BIG SCARY SHOW: MHC, Zombie Army, Brian O'Halloran, more
  165. New BIG SCARY SHOW:Nancy Allen, Musicians Roundtable, Fright Times Magazine, more
  166. Haunt Controller Software
  167. Want to work in the greatest Haunt in North TEXAS?
  168. 2014 Halloween Haunt Calendar!! Send in your photos!
  169. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Brian Wolfe, Creepy Collection, MHC survival guide, more
  170. New BIG SCARY SHOW: MHC special coverage, more
  171. Contest - Win a $100 Gift Code!
  172. New BIG SCARY SHOW: More MHC coverage, the Wolfe Brothers, more
  173. Welcome to the Horror Show - New Haunt music for 2013 out now
  174. Universal Orlando Announces Cabin in the Woods
  175. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Exclusinve Midnight Syndicate tracks, Scarefest, MHC wrapup, more
  176. New Spectral Illusions Effects for 2013!
  177. MonkeyBasic - Introducing GateKeeper I/O and more!!!
  178. HauntNation Magazine Tombstone Carving Contest
  179. Two New Ghosts Materialize from Spectral Illusions!
  180. PropWatcher - Elaborate 16 trigger DMX Prop Controller
  181. Graveyard Calling Record's First Release
  182. Rust-Oleum's New Paint Product
  183. New BIG SCARY SHOW, Crypticon, 1031 Comics, 13 questions of Doom, more
  184. VIRUS 308 out now! 50% proceeds go to Brian Wolfe cancer fund!
  185. Free carnival soundtrack song from Sam Haynes and Ghoulshow
  186. Spectral Illusions releases "Spirit of the West"
  187. New BIG SCARY NEWS: featuring an interview with Leonard Pickel
  188. 18 track halloween CD, Free songs and more!
  189. The Hub Television Network's Halloween Bash Costume Contest
  190. New BIG SCARY SHOW: Necromonicon, the Voice from Hell, Scarefest, more
  191. Order NOW! 2014 Halloween Haunt Calendar!
  192. Fright Radio - First Cut!
  193. For all of my DFW area Haunter Friends!!
  194. Fright Radio Interviews
  195. Introducing the MonsterRemote for the MonsterShield
  196. Where are you using your Spectral Illusions this year?
  197. Scaremation 2013
  198. Get the newest Big Scary Show / Big Scary News here
  199. 2013 Home Haunt Contest! Launched
  200. Brainshock Enterprises is back for a new season!
  201. Update on global haunter project: "Drawn to the Dark!"
  202. Haunter Education: Nightmare Hollow
  203. Nightmare City Halloween 2013
  204. Want to be a part of Spectral Illusions Customer Showcase?
  205. HauntX Show Press Release
  206. Fright Radio 2 - The Sequel!
  207. Dead with Dave Home Haunters Awards 2012
  208. Canadian Haunters Association 2013 Home Haunter Awards Contest!
  209. "Drawn to the Dark" project on Paranormal Talk Radio!
  210. Hauntcast's Interview with Cragmire from The Bloody Jug Band
  211. Fright Radio T-Shirts - Charity for St. Judes
  212. FrightProps - new stuff for 2014
  213. Video Contest! Win a fog machine, 15 gallons of fog or another prize.
  214. 20% Off ALL Masks at - 2/13 to 2/19
  215. 2013 Home Haunter DVD set
  216. Play CFX Trivia and win a free silicone mask!
  217. FrightProps carrying Hot Wire Foam products now!
  218. Free Haunt music EP from Sam Haynes Halloween Haunt Music
  219. Breaking news from Midnight Syndicate!
  220. Read Before Posting
  221. New 2014 FrightProps Catalog!
  222. $5 Off all Step Mat Triggers from FrightProps
  223. Dead with Dave Home Haunters Award Show 2013
  224. Prize giveaway once group hits 500 members!
  225. Send in your photos for the 2015 HALLOWEEN HAUNT CALENDAR!
  226. $5 Off All Motors & Motor Kits at FrightProps!
  227. ScareLA Halloween Convention - Discount Code
  228. Final Hauntcast Episode - Free Download
  229. ABC Fright Fight
  231. Home Haunters Haven - Taking it Large Scale
  232. Halloween Music Galore
  233. Morphsuits for Halloween
  234. Cedar Point Halloweekend jobs
  235. Halloween Machine September Issue...
  236. Making Monsters cancelled
  237. Sept. Nut & Volts magazine is a Halloween how to issue !
  238. Night Frights' New Projection Based "Animatronic"
  239. Haunt Forum Discount
  240. Jon Hyers/Outrageous Media Downloads site
  241. The "Jon Hyers brand" Video Projector, 2015
  242. Huge sale on masks from FrightProps!
  243. Halloween Attack Game
  244. Haunters The Movie
  245. Shocktail Hour #16 with Eerie Ln.
  246. FrightProps SUPERSALE on all electronic firecrackers!
  247. Photo/Youtube Contest of Sorts
  248. CONTEST: Have your face drawn on the front of the new FrightProps catalog!
  249. HAUNTCAST Re-Animated - FREE
  250. Skulltronix at Transworld