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If you enjoy what you see on this web site and have a web site of your own, feel free to link back to us with one of our banners. With some input from various members, we have created two animated banners as well as a third banner created by the site's admin. All three banners are in the standard 468 x 60 pixel size for ease of use.

Right-click and save the image you'd like to use to your pc, then upload it to wherever you store your web site's images. DO NOT DIRECTLY LINK TO THE IMAGE HERE! HauntForum gets enough traffic through here with its 3000+ per month visitors. The site doesn't need the added bandwidth of its images loading every time a visitor goes to other sites on the web.

When linking back to us, be sure to link directly to the main page at https://www.hauntforum.com.

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HauntForum.com -- There is no off season!

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