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  1. Technological Terror
    before i throw in the towel , id like to see if anyone can throw me a bone here on the forum:D i purchased a graveyard skulls skull with 5 servos (tilt, nod,turn,eye updown, eyel/r) it also had the quick connect cables . no controller i purchased the ssc-32 and got the trial of vsa( which is...
  2. Technological Terror
    My 3 axis skull is turning to the side during the routine and not returning to it's original default position. I need to tighten a nut, but which one? Can someone help me with this?
  3. Technological Terror
    Well it isn't pretty but I promised a video. Need work on the VSA. My goal was to create a 3 axis skull that would meet the following goals. 1. No components are connected to the skull. 2. The mechanism is removable as one unit, including the eyes. ( Still working on them) 3. Range of motion...
  4. Showroom
    Skully helped me out with the talk greeting after his ride on the Spanish Donkey.
  5. General Prop Discussion
    Here is a short video of the "Proof Of Concept" prototype I made for the new 3 axis skull design. We had to wait until the patent search was done and the patent process had begun before releasing any details on this. The way the motion is set up here, none of the servos fight each other, so...
1-5 of 5 Results