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  1. Technological Terror
    Just wondering if anyone is using vixen to control ssc32 boards for their 3 axis. I am so frustrated wondering if I can even pair all these together, and if so what am I doing wrong. Or, even worse if I am going to have to scrap the whole idea. :(
  2. Technological Terror
    So i'm finally going to build a 3-Axis skull for Trick or Terror this year. I have searched the forum for every piece of info I can find on the subject. I have a few questions though... 1. I found a thread that stated the estimated cost was around $219.50. Have you found this to be true? How...
  3. Technological Terror
    So I want to add movement to my arduino controlled skeleton head. I already have a servo mounted in the jaw to move the jaw and that works really well, but after seeing how much cooler everyone's skulls look when then can move around makes me want to add that functionality to mine. I just...
1-3 of 3 Results