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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Hopefully I posted this in the right section. Anyways, this our christmas display for this past Xmas! We kinda skipped Halloween and wanted to make up for it some way. But this year we focusing on getting our mars attacks done early and NOT skipping halloween again : ) Anyways I...
  2. Pneumatics
    The latest addition to the haunt for 2012 is my Skelerector built from the plans by Bourno. They can be found at http://www.teambac.com/web_hall/skelerector_how-to.html As soon as I get my skeletons out of storage, I'll finish it up.
  3. Technological Terror
    This year we decided to go BIG with our semi-pro haunted trail, Shockwalk! We wanted the giant animatronic type creature without the giant price lol :) This is what we came up with: I am working on building a 13 foot tall demon animatronic. The skeletal structure is made entirely out of 3/4...
  4. Photos and Videos
    My 2011 Halloween Show "Ghosts and Gangsters of Old Chicago". Staged in my garage with music and voice by local musician Peter Shea. We raised over $670.00 in donations for our local food bank!
  5. Photos and Videos
    This is our 2011 haunt video: We were open for two nights and collected food for the Second Harvest Food Bank.
  6. Showroom
    This has been completed for several years and serving as a stand up skeleton. He has been running off a PLC and CD player in the past years. This year he gets a makeover to be Frankentein's Monster running off DMX. Also added servo control to the jaw this year, also running off of DMX. Vixen...
  7. Technological Terror
    Hiya guys! I'm new to the forum so i will write a introduction soon! :D I have this idea for a coin operated animatronics, similar to a vending machine or arcade machine that when the correct amount is inserted, the animatronics will begin! The animatronics I have are operated by VSA, so the...
  8. Photos and Videos
    In spite of rain and technical difficulties, we had fun this year. Here's our haunt video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2AakAFNkTQ
  9. Technological Terror
    A while back, 5artist5 mentioned getting a new milling machine. He offered to make something as a practice. I jumped at the offer. I sketched up an eye mechanism design, based on what I saw in mechanisms posted around the web. Especially what the Torchwood guys were doing. (Brilliant...
  10. Technological Terror
    Well it isn't pretty but I promised a video. Need work on the VSA. My goal was to create a 3 axis skull that would meet the following goals. 1. No components are connected to the skull. 2. The mechanism is removable as one unit, including the eyes. ( Still working on them) 3. Range of motion...
  11. Showroom
    Denny showing off his Ground breaker/jumper.
  12. General Prop Discussion
    Our version of the "stirring witch" prop, tweaked to fit our 2007 clown / midway themed haunt. Used windshield wiper motor for main movement, with a secondary motor recycled from a Christmas reindeer turning the head. Eyes were from ACC, inserted into a cheapie dollar store mask repainted as a...
  13. Showroom
    I finally have uploaded a video of my first animatronic project. Since I started it in late August, I really didn't have time to make the fine tuning adjustments I wanted to, but I was still pleased that I actually got it working. Unfortunately, the video isn't great. I don't own a video...
1-13 of 13 Results