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  1. Halloween
    This art installation, titled "Mass," is currently on display in Melbourne, Australia. The person shows the scale. For more info, see: Ron Mueck: MASS | NGV
  2. General Prop Discussion
    Thought these pictures came out nicely! Let me know what you think. More images on my blog! Hope all your projects are coming along! Can't believe it's already October 5th.... :zombie:
  3. Welcome Room
    Hello, I'm Stevo In Yr Stereo, producer of the longest running annual Halloween radio program "Nightmare City Halloween" on-the-air since 1979!!! I began collecting Halloween audio in 1973 after working at the haunted house attraction "Scream In The Dark" in Tulsa, Oklahoma!! This was one...
  4. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    I have been thinking a bit (OK, trying to think?) about our "Art", the "haunt". Then, I got to thinking about art in general, illusions more specifically....then I remembered Trompe l'oeil. Here's my bit o' Trompe l'oeil. 30 minutes, in my kids chalk, on my walkway. I call it "I was board &...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    can i post some art here?
1-5 of 7 Results