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  1. Prop How-To's
    Probably my most in-depth tutorial yet, for my most detailed and complicated prop... BERSTUK! See the how-to video below. (as requested by Deoblo) Sculpting, PVC construction, painting, set design, UV lighting: all covered in this tutorial. Please have a watch and subscribe!
  2. Prop How-To's
    Hi everyone. Here's my biggest static prop of 2012. He was made with a PVC skeleton and paper mache. The head is an original sculpt using styrofoam and Apoxie. He was painted to look good in blacklight, which is how these photographs were taken. His name is Berstuk (originally named 'Alex' by...
  3. Light and Sound
    I'm considering using UV lighting for the inside of my entire barn, rather than spotlighting some of the things inside it. I viewed 20 pages looking for UV threads. I'm long on questions and short on knowledge! Can you point me in the right direction? 1. It's a single room about 12x24. I have...
  4. General Prop Discussion
    I am building a flaming skull, http://www.garageofevilnetwork.com/profiles/blogs/flaming-skull-build-in, for a FCG. I need to get the plastic skull to fluoresce under black light, it looks like flat white latex paint doesn't any ideas. I thought of spraying with a bluing agent but on the...
  5. Light and Sound
    I've finally discovered an easy way to waterproof black lights. (Specifically, fluorescent tube black lights.) Turns out these tubes don't actually get very hot at all. What I did was wrap them in Saran wrap (plastic wrap) and tape the seams (on the back of the fixture) with black duct tape...
  6. Light and Sound
    I found this and though it was interesting ,and since alot of people ask what can I Use so here goes...Surprisingly it doesn't all have to be the blueish color as we all know. Question: What Materials Glow Under a Black or Ultraviolet Light? Answer: There are a lot of everyday materials that...
1-6 of 6 Results