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  1. General Prop Discussion
    Well it's that time of year again... I'm scrambling to get as much as I possibly can done. After sifting through all the stuff in the attic and the basement, I have come up with a huge pile of skulls of all types: bluckies, buckies, mini skulls, light up skulls, paints, unpainted- you name it...
  2. Halloween
    Do any of your ToTs remember any of your old Halloween displays still? I was talking to some of the kids in the neighborhood last week and they reminded me of a scene I had set up a while back with my Bucky in the driver seat of my old truck, having run over a dummy. I dug back through my...
  3. Showroom
    I couldn't wait any longer and put out my grave digger today.
  4. Gatherings and Events
    Here is a special bonus for all our HauntForum friends! CLICK the link to get your FREE Ticket for on site product gift drawings at HAuNTcon 2009. We are doing on site drawings so you must be present on site to win. http://www.mrskeleton.com/hauntcon If you plan to attend...
1-4 of 4 Results