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  1. Prop How-To's
    This was a build that I have wanted to do for awhile, and finally got an opportunity to tackle it last year. When doing research to plan the build I must have watched every video available on the topic & combed through all the tutorials I could find. I picked up a bunch of tips & tricks and...
  2. Prop How-To's
    OK, so I make these awesome markers for my haunt, what you are going to need is some black paint (I used acrylic) some garden stakes (thick 4ft pine ones about 3/4 X 3/4 in, some nails (I use 3 1-1/4 in ones). As for tools, you can use a paint brush, a hammer, and a saw of sorts, you may also...
  3. Photos and Videos
    Background barking provided by Athena the wonder dog.
  4. Prop How-To's
    The GateKeepers are large gargoyle/demon/alien hybrids that stand guard at the gate of our 2012 Halloween Display. Based on a sketch I created this past summer these creatures are made from papier mache over a wood form. Complete documentation of the process can be found here.
  5. Prop How-To's
    Posted the instructions for making a Faux Wrought Iron Fence from 1x2 inch boards, ½ inch PVC and sheets of craft foam, the process is fairly simple but gives some impressive results. The tutorial can be found here.
  6. Links
    Marlane Cemetery Hey everyone I thought I would share my new website for my haunt, Some call it a yard haunt i call it a masterpeice that only exhibits 1 day every year. Here it is http://marlanecemetery.webstarts.com/?r=20120815082205
  7. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Currently I have for 3 years been doing a cemetery theme just recently i wanted to spice it up majorly reading old posts i have ideas but i want to add atmosphere. I have cheap tombstones from the store that i repainted and added Red LEDs to the eyes I have a ghost that hovers and has lights in...
  8. Photos and Videos
    Our first real "Yard Haunt" year... it's a start but ideas for next year are already comming up in daily conversation, LOL.
  9. Costumes and Makeup
    Last weekend, I took part in my first Zombie Walk. What a blast! I used it as an opportunity for a dry run for Halloween. I didn't have much time, so I worked as fast as I could, employing the makeup style from last year. I got quite a few compliments and I even scored a cover photo...
  10. Photos and Videos
    Here is my boarded up haunted house with graveyard! I put a lot of work into it. My son dressed up as Jason Voorhees and had a blast frightning all the trick or treaters. New this year was the lightning machine. You could see it half way down the block. I had big scream t.v in the downstairs...
  11. Photos and Videos
    It was an extreme Halloween. We decorated two yards because it spilled over this year. Only daytime shots because it got too busy once the ToTers showed up.
  12. General Prop Discussion
    So, in the town in which I live, a beauty college just went out of business. I was going through the building and the owner was selling off some of the equipment. I bought five of these hairstyling mannequin heads (I won't tell you how much I paid for them...) I think at least one of them...
  13. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Decided to update my haunt this year, Thought I would start with the backstory, so here it is for your enjoyment: As the caretaker of the Wales Court Cemetery I am best to tell you what happened on that Halloween night in 1892 when all hell broke loose. But before I get to that night let me...
  14. Photos and Videos
    I started setting up the yard today.
  15. Showroom
    Here are the new fence columns for 09. I built wooden ones for 08 and then discovered pink foam. I so love foam now and can not stop carving on it. The fence in these photos has also been upgraded. There are photos below of that upgrade as well. Here are the new redone fence sections. I...
  16. Showroom
    This will be the new and improved entrance to my cemetery this year. The columns last year where not covered with foam they where just metal frame with some wood along the bottom. I really wanted something more solid looking. The Cemetery sign above was in my haunt last year but did not have the...
1-17 of 17 Results