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  1. General Prop Discussion
    Can anyone give me any suggestions for making fake rope. It's to go up into my fake circus tent ceiling (which is only 8ft) so I need to give it the allusion of disappearing up into the lofty heights of the Big Top. Thanks, Sx
  2. Light and Sound
    I am having a Fairground Sideshow theme this year but am having difficulty sourcing the right music. I was thinking squeeze box sort of sound with some sinister laughter over the top. Has anyone got any suggestions???
  3. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    I am thrilled to open up "Dark Ride" for pre sales. This album has been in the works for 16 months, every second of it was a joy. Because of the great anticipation and demand, I have decided to give you the chance to get a limited edition before it is released to the public. This limited...
  4. Party Ideas and Recipes
    Ok so far I have thought of serving fair food, pretzels, corn dogs, popcorn in pocorn bags. Probably w/ white chocolate red blood drizled over it. I'm making some "Midway" signs. Using plastic table cloth rolls to make a 'tent" feeling inside the house. Lots of lights inside and outside the...
  5. General Prop Discussion
    I'm gonna get straight to the point: it looked for a long time like I was just going to do a party this year, but things are now looking like I might be able to do my original haunt idea of a dark carnival. One of the things I'm looking for is replicas of old-time sideshow banners. I'd paint...
  6. Photos and Videos
    In spite of rain and technical difficulties, we had fun this year. Here's our haunt video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2AakAFNkTQ