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  1. Costumes and Makeup
    So heres another clown makeup just finished, I still have to work on a few edges and mold it....the paint up will be in the Harlequine style. WOW, I didn't think coming up with six different clown makeup would be a big deal but im about to go crazy....lol.
  2. Costumes and Makeup
    PearlWhiteGT asked how to make a neck ruffle, specifically for clowns, and I struggled to explain through text so I drew him up a reference sheet on Paint and thought I might as well upload it for all to see. Its a pretty universal item. Clowns, jesters, period costumes, etc. Hope I made it...
  3. Light and Sound
    Hello, Hello, Hello, me Haunties! I'm doing a ghostly carnival theme this year, and I'm looking for high-quality Sound FX to dub over my background music. The kind of sounds I'm looking for include popcorn popping, hissing steam, bangs, people riding roller coasters, and maybe bicycle horns...
  4. Photos and Videos
    In spite of rain and technical difficulties, we had fun this year. Here's our haunt video: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2AakAFNkTQ
  5. General Prop Discussion
    Our version of the "stirring witch" prop, tweaked to fit our 2007 clown / midway themed haunt. Used windshield wiper motor for main movement, with a secondary motor recycled from a Christmas reindeer turning the head. Eyes were from ACC, inserted into a cheapie dollar store mask repainted as a...
1-5 of 5 Results