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  1. Technological Terror
    I figured this may be of interest to many on the tech forum. Prizes for best "Crazy Costume" with tech (moving parts, effects, lights, etc.), "Haunted Smart House" (props or home modifications), and "Undead Tech" (must have tons of technology, new or old). Check it out: Halloween Hackfest
  2. Links
    Picture Perfect Halloween Contest You've worked hard all year at creating your macabre masterpieces...now here's a chance to get a little something for all your hard work, the "Picture Perfect Halloween Contest." This is a really cool contest with seven different categories and three winners...
  3. Showroom
    This year I held my second annual pumpkin contest on my STOLLOWEEN Facebook page, the contest required participants to submit an illustration or sketch showing the type of pumpkin they would like if chosen. Two winners were selected this year, the first pumpkin was chosen by judges that rated...
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    I just thought I'd toss out a quick update on the status of the next prop build. It is still happening but I just need to get the DVD 100% off of my plate before I start it. Expect to see the contest's formal announcement and rules appear on the 15th. Later in the summer, our third build of...
  5. 2010 $20 Prop Challenge
    Buster Gravesley is my 2010 entry in the Hauntforum $20 Prop Challenge. Buster is a Zombie/Coffin Groundbreaker standing approximately 4 feet tall and mounted on a plywood base that can be angled in different directions when displayed. This prop was made from numerous recycled materials...
  6. 2010 $20 Prop Challenge
    2010 $20 PROP CHALLENGE These are the rules for the 2010 edition of the $20 Prop Challenge. As time progresses, these rules may be amended to answer any questions or to alleviate any concerns that arise during the course of this contest. Please read all of these rules carefully and post any...
1-6 of 8 Results