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  1. General Prop Discussion
    So after displaying my newest prop on Halloween this year, a Cauldron Creep, all the neighbors asked for one which I think is sweet. So, I will be building 4 this year for the neighbors each with some type of difference hopefully! With the after Halloween 50% off sale, I managed to get a bag...
  2. Photos and Videos
    Made a quick trailer for the 2012 Haunt....
  3. Light and Sound
    I bought a 6-light chandelier identical to below at an estate sale $15. I've been wanting to turn it creepy for awhile now... What would YOU do to it if you had one of these? For reference:
  4. Photos and Videos
    October has been a crazy month this year. Made some changes in the yard and added some more details to the basement. Kept it pretty simple. Did not pull everything out. Just throwing out some quick sneak peek pics. I will take more pics and videos later... More pics here... Sneak Peek...
  5. Party Ideas and Recipes
    Ok so far I have thought of serving fair food, pretzels, corn dogs, popcorn in pocorn bags. Probably w/ white chocolate red blood drizled over it. I'm making some "Midway" signs. Using plastic table cloth rolls to make a 'tent" feeling inside the house. Lots of lights inside and outside the...
  6. Prop How-To's
    I finally got the chance to do a lttle website updating. I added the wighead how to in the Workshop area. Now that I'm in the groove I might be adding more here and there.... http://www.thecreepyhousenextdoor.com/wigheads.html
  7. Photos and Videos
    So I was playing around with my daughter's cell phone and some of the props in the basement and did a little family photoshoot. I really love the look. It works so well with haunt type themes... more pics available at http://www.thecreepyhousenextdoor.com/album4.html
  8. Prop How-To's
    I quickly put this visual how to of my learing prop Creep in a can. I might alter it next year with more of an up and down motion.
1-8 of 8 Results