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    I picked up these lantern posts and lanterns back in the summer. While at Michaels last week I snagged the last 4 foam skulls they had, figuring I'd use them somewhere. Well, I drilled them out a bit and slipped them over the tops of the lantern pole. They'll have a nice creepy look on Halloween...
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    Keirghul's are an old and ancient race from a time long forgotten. Many of their species are arrogant and refuse to associate with most of the denizens of Faegoria. Edward is a long time companion of Fineas, grounds keeper in the Forlorn Haunting Grounds. The two prowl the haunting grounds...
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    just wanted to show you my dragon at the beginning: nearly finished at the end I think it's a good idea to put a fogger in his throat...I just don't know, if there will be enough time to do that (so much work to do; so little time) hope you like it :)
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    Building these for the local fund raiser Haunted House at the Boys & Girls Club. The measure 6 ft 2 in tall and 15 in wide. 1x2 framing covered with pink styro 1/2 in thick. 1x3 rough cut pine joined with 45 deg miters for the top and middle joints. In this pic one column has two coats of dry...
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    First three of six new stones for this year....
  6. Showroom
    This is my Halloween king, I've nicknamd him George. LOL Here's a video of him working. Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  7. Showroom
    Had a gemmy fcg ghost lying around so I took the ghost off and put on 3 candles and got this.Took all of 2 minutes. I think I will like it even with the annoying sound.It will be triggered by a light on motion sensor. fcg from gemmy rig video by lindside -...
  8. Showroom
    A few I took today of my 5 new stones. I'm planning on two more but these are finally done and came out pretty fair. My vulture has a new roost this year! Fits perfectly on the top of this one. Thanks for looking. Pardon the glare. Geez, I need to re-position them out of the sun.
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    I have done 4 of these the last 2 are not stained yet.They are made of coat hangers-towel skin-inserted into pvc via cardboard and duct tape-and stained. http://www.hauntforum.com/picture.php?albumid=206&pictureid=4288 http://www.hauntforum.com/picture.php?albumid=206&pictureid=4289...
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    From this To this To this And at last! This! Made from 6 ice tea bottles, some pool noodle, a pringles can, two light bulbs, duct tape, cotton balls, tissues, and paint. eyes need touched up, i just painted it, so its not dry.
  11. Showroom
    Here are my white PVC candles. First of 40 to roll out. Used PVC (of course), white glue sticks, pink styro (for inside the PVC tube), Dollar Tree LED tea lights (2 for a dollar), and my variable temp glue gun.....
  12. Showroom
    Here are 4 of the 5 gravestones I'm making this year. The two flat gray ones have been works in progress for a couple weeks and I managed to finishe them up this morning. The other two have been posted before. Still need to finish one more so hopefully in a week or so. It's so nice...
  13. Showroom
    I was so impressed with ghost37's logo for his Haunt that I decided to work on my logo. I thought it might be a good idea to tie my haunt in to a popular movie. I am referring to NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2: Battle of the Smithsonian. I changed it to "Fright" instead of "Night" so the movie studio...
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    Finished this one up this morning. Wooden crate skinned in one inch foam. Topped with a garden center cross. Dark gray base coat followed by two coats of light gray Dry Lok and then some watered down dark gray sponged on. This one is going to lewlew;)
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    Using the dress I got at a garage sale day before yesterday.
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    What do yall think?
  17. Showroom
    I made this tree out of papier mache, chickenwire and a frame made of 2x3's. The Village Mire is really coming to life. My photo skills really suck!
  18. Showroom
    I made this at the Mass Make and take on Saturday.
  19. Showroom
    this is our new sign for our haunt
  20. Showroom
    I redesigned my first ground breaker (right) to look more like the second (left). I'm not sure about the final color. Someone told me that gray reflex color better. I'm going to try shining some different colored lights on it to see if that is correct.
1-20 of 67 Results