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  1. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Does anyone know of a decent yet inexpensive haunt design tool that would help me lay out my haunt to scale and see it in 3d?
  2. General Prop Discussion
    This October will be our third haunt, and my second year as a member of this forum. After two season of hand carving my 'stones I'm looking for a faster, easier, and more precise (for the lettering at least) way to make them. My best stone took week of carving, and I just don't have that kind...
  3. General Prop Discussion
    Here is a short video of the "Proof Of Concept" prototype I made for the new 3 axis skull design. We had to wait until the patent search was done and the patent process had begun before releasing any details on this. The way the motion is set up here, none of the servos fight each other, so...
1-3 of 3 Results