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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Hopefully I posted this in the right section. Anyways, this our christmas display for this past Xmas! We kinda skipped Halloween and wanted to make up for it some way. But this year we focusing on getting our mars attacks done early and NOT skipping halloween again : ) Anyways I...
  2. Photos and Videos
    Hello everyone! Please check out my video for my haunt, "Haunt of the Scottsquatch". Here is the link: If you have a YouTube account, please feel free to leave a comment, thumbs up the vid, and subscribe. :) Thanks, Scottsquatch
  3. Showroom
    I finally found the time to fit a Cauldron Creep into my display this year and it was definitely worth it!! Everyone was asking where I bought it and I got to say I made it! :D Lemme know what you think!:)
  4. Photos and Videos
    Our display was set up on October 26th thru October 28th....due to the storm the entire yard was taken down and packed away on the 29th. The weather is still nasty with high winds, rain and snow so unfortunately there will be nothing set up on the big day.
  5. Showroom
    Hey Haunters! Here is the completed Halloween Countdown display I have been working on with my boys. I typically only set up my haunt the day of Halloween and it's mostly in my back yard. So, this year, I wanted to come up with something to put in the front yard. Something I could put up...
  6. Prop How-To's
    Posted the instructions for making a Faux Wrought Iron Fence from 1x2 inch boards, ½ inch PVC and sheets of craft foam, the process is fairly simple but gives some impressive results. The tutorial can be found here.
  7. Links
    Hi there, Here is our new FB page for our yard display. This year, we are raising fund for the children wish foundation. Please share, Thanks http://www.facebook.com/pages/Halloween-St-Hubert/192719384195241
  8. Photos and Videos
    Another year, another pumpkin I had no time to carve. sigh...... Anyways! This year I'm proud to introduce you to a new(well, almost new) and improved animatronic VSA display using my friends from The Nightmare before Christmas! We updated Jack with a new control system. Built a light bar(rack?)...
  9. Photos and Videos
    Hope everybody had a wonderful Halloween. This year our display moved to our backyard where we hosted an October 29th open house (yard) complete with roaring fire, hot dogs and s'mores. We had a good turnout, estimate between 75 and 100 people showed up to view our props and shoot the breeze. It...
  10. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    Hey there. I haven't been on here for months, and have been reading through lots of stuff. Halloween is only 95 days away! This year, I am wanting to do something different for my yard/house display. This year, I want the members of Haunt Forum to design what will be included in the display...
  11. General Prop Discussion
    Hi everyone. I know it was tough to say good bye to Boney Island in 2007. The owner, Rick Polizzi, said he would auction off his displays on ebay. Does anyone have one of his displays or knows someone who has one? I was just watching a youtube clip of it and it reminded me to ask that question...
  12. Showroom
    Here is another food container I have been working on and finally finished. coffe can, foam tube,paper,monster mud, white enamel and stain. I used an onion bag for imprinting, hot glue for teeth and 1 flicker light took apart had 2 bulbs in it, separated those 1 for each eye using battery (one...
1-12 of 12 Results