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  1. Showroom
    I found the doll at a yard sale last summer. I've always wanted to make my own creepy doll, and this was the perfect chance to experiment a bit. I used acrylic paints on the skin, hot glue for the eyes, and made the dress from scratch.
  2. Prop How-To's
    Hi folks! One more tutorial for you. This is Betty, made in homage to the work of Brian Demski. Video tutorial here: Written tutorial here: http://post.ly/764AT
  3. Prop How-To's
    Hi guys! Some of you may have come across this already on my channel, but if not, here's another how-to for you. I did a lot of work with dolls this year... they're cheap to find at thrift shops and so easy to spookify! Here's the video tutorial: (link to written one at bottom) And some...
  4. Costumes and Makeup
    I'm going to start working with this group that is going to do a shadowcast of The Devil's Carnival. And I was hoping to have at least a trial piece made up for this makeup to bring to them on sunday. What I'm asking is does anyone have any good ideas for creating the look of The Painted Doll...
  5. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    This year I am going a Doll (house) themed yard haunt, I wanted to do a walk-through, but we don't have the money to do that :mad: So I'll do a live scene, but the only scenes I've done are cemetery scenes. So I'm kinda clueless how to put such a different scene together.
  6. General Prop Discussion
    Here's something I just found out and thought I'd share. If you are in need of hair for a prop,--which I am right now--and the small bags of doll hair aren't enough, and it isn't anywhere near Halloween--no wigs to use the hair from--check one of your craft stores that sell doll hair. I found...
1-6 of 6 Results