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  1. Showroom
    Hey Haunters! Here is the completed Halloween Countdown display I have been working on with my boys. I typically only set up my haunt the day of Halloween and it's mostly in my back yard. So, this year, I wanted to come up with something to put in the front yard. Something I could put up...
  2. Prop How-To's
    You can make a fairly useful prop using almost exclusively recycled materials and junk. For this one you will need: discarded plastic water bottles a juice bottle a fist-sized chunk of old styrofoam newspaper masking tape (maybe a whole roll, probably less) black spraypaint pingpong eyeballs...
  3. Prop How-To's
    You can scarcely find an illustration of a witch's kitchen or wizard's sanctum without an anthropomorphic mandragora root. It's a necessity! But I don't think they sell them anywhere. This is likely one of the easiest things you will ever make, but I am very satisfied with mine. You'll need...
  4. Prop How-To's
    This is how to make small barnacles out of polymer clay. It's kind of a no-brainer, except my unhelpful brain told me it wouldn't -couldn't - work, so I didn't try it for a long time. First, sculpt some small barnacles out of polymer clay. LOL Yeah, you have to start with something. I used this...
  5. General Prop Discussion
    Many of us have used chicken wire...but these pics are interesting. http://www.wackyarchives.com/offbeat/easy-do-it-yourself-ghost-static.html
1-5 of 5 Results