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  1. Showroom
    The rafters in the old barn were lined with pinned fairies and pixies, some no more than dry old husks, indistinguishable from dragonflies. I kept a few of the fresher ones. I guess after a while the magic fades and the glow starts to die down. Guess some witchfinders were more cruel than...
  2. Showroom
    From the log of Jackie Langford, the last known witch-finder of North Georgia: I have farmed dust from upwards of 300 pixies; I have farmed imps up to four feet tall; I have farmed magic milk from a pig-headed goat familiar with poisonous spines; but I have never had more trouble than with this...
  3. General Prop Discussion
    The Office of Witch-Finder General Principle # 12: Suffer no imps. Fig. 1 - Pixie on hook Same, from the back Same, from below Fig. 2 - Imp hutch Imp (feigning death) Imp, closeup Another view Another view From above The business of farming imps, pixies, and the like for their precious...
1-3 of 3 Results