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  1. Prop How-To's
    This was a build that I have wanted to do for awhile, and finally got an opportunity to tackle it last year. When doing research to plan the build I must have watched every video available on the topic & combed through all the tutorials I could find. I picked up a bunch of tips & tricks and...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    Im nearly done with my cemetery fence. I made the fence sections out of 1x2 and 1/2" PVC (most common haunter fence I think). For the Fence poles I used 2" PVC. I was planning on using small L brackets to connect the panel to the poles. Any other suggestions before I start. I saw someone...
  3. Prop How-To's
    I was just about to place my order for 100 fence finials when I saw the total with shipping and realized my fence budget was about to be destroyed. I started to look for alternatives. Unable to find any that looked good and kept the price down I decided to make my own. For $2.00 I bought two...
  4. Finishing Touches
    Im in the midst of building a fence for my cemetery im doing the PVC/1x2 setup. What is the best method to paint. Brush or spaycan or spay gun. Is it better to paint all the parts then assemble or paint it once its done. Then comes where to store all this new fence.... thanks DZ
  5. Prop How-To's
    Posted the instructions for making a Faux Wrought Iron Fence from 1x2 inch boards, ½ inch PVC and sheets of craft foam, the process is fairly simple but gives some impressive results. The tutorial can be found here.
  6. Showroom
    Created some new wrought iron fence for our 2012 Halloween display…my old fencing was in desperate need of replacement. Also new are some column toppers called "GateKeepers."
  7. General Prop Discussion
    HI 1st post on this forum but been following it for quite sometime, really enjoy it and very informative. I am from the UK and Halloween is slow to catch on over here but slowly growing. I am going to attempt my first Home Yard display this year, problem I have is that I just can not find...
  8. General Prop Discussion
    I found an easy way to add finials to my 1/2 inch pvc fence http://www.garageofevilnetwork.com/photo/fence-top?context=latest
  9. Prop How-To's
    I have gotten a number of people on this and other Halloween forums requesting that I assemble my Entrance Column notes and pictures into a full tutorial. So therefore I am caving under pressure and present to you said tutorial. Enjoy!
  10. Prop How-To's
    I have a lot of fence to build this year. I got tired of measuring. So I made one section as assurately and square as I could. Then I made a jig around it. The following sections were made in about 5 minutes each instead of the 1/2 hour that it was taking to make them indivually. The good part...
  11. Showroom
    Thanks to to local fence company for allowing me to dumpster dive. I scored the hinges off of an old gate.
  12. General Prop Discussion
    The point: Ask your local fence companies for the old, weathered and discarded fence pickets they tear down during fence replacement jobs. The story: A few days ago while driving I noticed that a fence company had replaced an old wooden fence in my neighborhood...you know...one of those 6 ft...
  13. Showroom
    This will be the new and improved entrance to my cemetery this year. The columns last year where not covered with foam they where just metal frame with some wood along the bottom. I really wanted something more solid looking. The Cemetery sign above was in my haunt last year but did not have the...
1-13 of 13 Results