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  1. Photos and Videos
    There was a time where I thought I was actually ahead of the game, that feeling quickly left as I was scrambling trying to get everything done on time. For some unknown reason, our Beggar's Night is held on the Thursday before Halloween. I'm an actor and model with an agency which leaves me with...
  2. Haunt Tactics and Techniques
    I've struggled on just where to put this thread, please feel free to move it to where appropriate and thank you. Last year's display was done in roughly 5 hours with what I had in the garage which ended up being a Tim Burton nightmare which I loved, involving all my mannequins and a lot of day...
  3. Light and Sound
    I found this and though it was interesting ,and since alot of people ask what can I Use so here goes...Surprisingly it doesn't all have to be the blueish color as we all know. Question: What Materials Glow Under a Black or Ultraviolet Light? Answer: There are a lot of everyday materials that...
1-3 of 3 Results