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flying crank ghost
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  1. General Prop Discussion
    I have recieve lots of help and wanted to share. I had a hard time finding my deer motors this year. So I want to share a source I used. ***kindlys.com They were $9.00 a piece plus shipping, they work really well and I bought the larger ones. They come with a arm attached that you simply drill...
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    We are offering reduced priced Flying Crank Ghost props and rigs for a limited time. Please visit us at www.GhostBuilders.com for our 2011 products. We would love to hear from you. Sincerely, Ghost Builders
  3. Showroom
    Here is my interpretation of the FCG using gears instead of a crank arm. http://api.ning.com/files/mFRFQzEllW3MaNK7A9j3Cvz2oZajSgHh0AJKXqZmpZLSeTu0oo-NWDOi5a3xk7Yr*yz8FqlYhpoZfagmIUZUBc70bISdjiLv/Step14TheGhostunderUV.jpg?width=640&height=480 You can read my how-to here...
  4. Prop How-To's
    Here is my tutorial on my Flying Crank Ghost using a Deer Motor. Hope you like it. Here is what you will be making: What you will need: -Wood Glue -Big Stir Stick(s) -Scrap Wood -Miscellaneous Screws -Deer Motor -Those tiny fishing spring things (see picture below for reference)...
  5. Prop How-To's
    I finished everything else that I wanted to get done this year, so I decided to build the infamous FCG.
  6. Showroom
    Our first attempt at a Flying Crank Ghost! Please excuse the bad video...made with the computer in the garage :googly:
1-6 of 6 Results