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  1. Foggers
    Hello Haunt Forum community. This is my first post. I was given a chauvet hurricane 2d hazer a few years back. It's never worked right. Ive tried fixing it a few times and have narrowed it down to a couple things. 1st thing may be the tubing Ive used. Ive noticed this hazer, (as well as every...
  2. Foggers
    Hey all. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered before, but searches couldn't find it but that doesn't mean much. This is my first foray into any kind of special effects so assume I know absolutely nothing, but I'm excited to learn and try. My boss made the mistake choice to...
  3. Technological Terror
    So, I'm spending the week building a backpack/handheld pesticide sprayer for our new farmer character "Pestilin." He's going to be in the corn, and as people pass hes going to walk out of the corn and spray them with "pesticide." The pesticide being fog. The design for the prop itself is going...
  4. Foggers
    Does anybody know if there is a fog machine that can run nonstop? I am sure the ones starting at $5,000 will fill your local arena, but I just want the cheapest one that can fill my front yard. I tried looking at some manufacturer sites and you get some vague and misleading descriptions about...
  5. Light and Sound
    Well, tonight was the perfect night for cemetery fog. The air was slightly warm and there was no wind. I was able to make some really creepy fog without any ice in the chiller. I have just a couple more projects and finishing touches that I want to complete before our first "lights on" night...
  6. Foggers
    Hi there folks! I am new to the forum after reading several threads on fog machine fixes, yet I am starting a new one in hopes that someone can help solve my specific dilemma. I purchased my Chauvet Hurricane 1050 fogger (now discontinued) back in 2007. Since then I would say I've only used it...
  7. Welcome Room
    Hello! I'm Jack. Cool forum site! I bet I can get info. here on what to buy when it comes to special effects equipment, specifically smoke machines?
  8. Foggers
    Does anyone know where I could get a 3000W DMX Fog Machine (GL-005). I've seen some examples on youtube and am very impressed, although, precious little info was given about it, it could be completely out of my league price wise.
  9. Technological Terror
    How would i put a timer on my fog machine? i want it to go for 15 seconds then stop for 30 and loop that how do i do it? -fog machine info- (idk if this would be needed but here are some info) Power: AC 120V 60Hz Heater: 400W Output: 2000 cu.Ft/Min Tank Capacity: 0.8 Liter Remote: Wireless...
  10. Foggers
    What is the ideal wattage and CFM of a fog machine to flood a front yard with fog?
1-10 of 10 Results