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  1. Foggers
    I have a massive fog machine and I was looking for large or gigantic glow sticks or ideas on how to make the fog glow. We have a rather large fog machine (a Chauvet Arena 2100 Flex) and want the fog to glow or the ports out of the fog chiller to glow. Any and all ideas would be appreciated...
  2. Light and Sound
    SO I've been very interested lately in having projections throughout our graveyard for floating ghosts and effects like that. I am already planning to have a simple pepper's ghost illusion like this one: What I was interested in was using a fog machine as a large background screen to project...
  3. Pneumatics
    I've completed the third member of my witches coven. We started with the traditional witch stirring her cauldron, then added a second witch last year reading from her spell book with 2 axis head movement. To get a little more from the scene, I wanted the third witch to have more movement and...
  4. Foggers
    New to this forum, need help on vortex fog chiller, what is best, round or square bucket?
  5. Foggers
    Does anyone know where I could get a 3000W DMX Fog Machine (GL-005). I've seen some examples on youtube and am very impressed, although, precious little info was given about it, it could be completely out of my league price wise.
  6. Technological Terror
    I got my fog machines out to prep them for the Halloween season and one won't work. I plug it in, the power indicator light never turns on, and it never heats up. The fuse is not blown, and I have tried different power sources. Is it the heating transfer element?
  7. Technological Terror
    I have 2 fog machines, and both have quit spewing fog. The pump inside runs; it just doesn't push out fog (or only a few wisps). Both machines have the same 30DSB-ZJF pump inside. Does anyone know where one can purchase just the pump??
  8. Foggers
    I was just at my local costume shop and they had a product by "Forum Novelties, Inc" called Liquid Fog Scent FX. It's some perfume or somesuch that you pour into your fog machine to make it smell either like a "creepy crypt" or a "moldy morgue" I'm guessing this doesn't mean they're going to...
  9. General Prop Discussion
    Glowing red eyes and he breathes fire. Well, okay, fog.But still. This monster mud prop is mounted on top of our front porch where he oversees the rest of our haunt. He needs a little more painting to bring out the highlights. We try to keep the details big and viewable vs. small and practically...
  10. Foggers
    OK i understand to get the fog on the ground that you simply have to have it running through a fog chiller yes but i wanna know how people get it on the ground but thick enough to where its also like 1-2 feet above the ground. Thanks!
  11. Technological Terror
    Hey guys, i have a few gemmy foggers that i really hate to get rid of, and well this week while testing them out and cleaning them one had a pump failure. I contacted gemmy at www.gemmy.com but no dice, they dont sell replacement pumps. Anyone know where i can get a replacement pump for my...
1-11 of 11 Results