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  1. Foggers
    I have been searching for the in-reservoir sintered bronze/brass filter for fog machines. The filter itself is sintered metal (bronze or brass) and the connection on the other end is a push-to-connect or a quick-connect. the hose size is small, 1/8 or so, could be metric. The filter looks...
  2. Foggers
    Hey all. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered before, but searches couldn't find it but that doesn't mean much. This is my first foray into any kind of special effects so assume I know absolutely nothing, but I'm excited to learn and try. My boss made the mistake choice to...
  3. Foggers
    Is the fog machine you can buy around Halloween at Walmart any good? I want a few for my front yard and for a scene or two of my home haunt. I don't wanna spend alot I think those were in the 28$/38$ range I can't remember
  4. Foggers
    Does anyone know where I could get a 3000W DMX Fog Machine (GL-005). I've seen some examples on youtube and am very impressed, although, precious little info was given about it, it could be completely out of my league price wise.
  5. Foggers
    I'm thinking about going all out for good ground fog this year, and wondered if any of you have used, or have seen this in action...
  6. Foggers
    A few years ago , I built the typical fog chiller with a cooler and an aluminum dryer hose, and it works OK. Lately, I've been thinking about thermal mass. Thermal mass is the ability of an object or material to store heat ( or cold). Stone buildings like castles always feel cold, and...
  7. Technological Terror
    Hello there, I'm new and found this forum through Google and it seems to be the perfect place for the help I need. Earlier today I picked up a Heshan Lide Fogger from a yard sale. I was told it still works, but there are no manual controls. There's a plug for the controller, but they didn't...
  8. Foggers
    My neighbor has a fogger that makes bubbles!!!! Want!!! Actually when I got a look at it, it looked rather flimsy but it made really good smoke bubbles. I have never seen this before!
  9. Foggers
    so I'm "preparing" my fogger for this year and naturally, it didn't work so great when I first fired it up. It's a Chauvet FX-800. The cool thing about these is they have a removable nozzle... I took it of and cleaned the crusty brown goop out of it and ran it a few times without the nozzle to...
  10. Foggers
    OK i understand to get the fog on the ground that you simply have to have it running through a fog chiller yes but i wanna know how people get it on the ground but thick enough to where its also like 1-2 feet above the ground. Thanks!
  11. Foggers
    I have been searching all day for information on how to rebuild the pump in a Chauvet Hurricane 1250 fog machine. I found someone talking about a PDF file that is located on this site somewhere, but I could not find it. I've had this machine for about 3 years now. I got it out of storage and...
  12. Foggers
    I'm hoping you guys might be able to give me some insight. I recently purchased a Techno Ground Fog Machine from Party City and it isnt working. I have owned many fog machines but this one has some parts that I dont recognize and there is no mention of them in the instructions. I have some pics...
  13. Technological Terror
    Hey guys, i have a few gemmy foggers that i really hate to get rid of, and well this week while testing them out and cleaning them one had a pump failure. I contacted gemmy at www.gemmy.com but no dice, they dont sell replacement pumps. Anyone know where i can get a replacement pump for my...
1-13 of 13 Results