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  1. Showroom
    Check it out... http://i908.photobucket.com/albums/ac284/BlahBlahBlahGirl/Goblin.jpg
  2. Showroom
    My not-so-mini-mache project is finished and ready to get to work making TOTs run screaming into the night. A semi-daylight shot: PS001 by Femurs make great walking sticks. PS002 by PS003 by A little mood lighting: PS004 by Spooky1 got a gorgeous head shot: . by
  3. General Prop Discussion
    Figured I'd better prove I can do more than just "cute" when it comes to props. This little project is a prop that Spooky1 wanted to add to our yard display this year. He's very much a work-in-progress at this point and will be about three feet in height when finished. The inspiration for the...
  4. Showroom
    i started this off with a plastic half skull and a tub of air drying clay, unfortunatley i walked into a few complications, the face had cracked during drying but luckily i managed to get the clay off of the skull, glue it back together and used a flexible filler in the gaps. Here It Is :D the...
1-4 of 4 Results