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  1. Showroom
    Here's my version of the rocking chair granny. I 've use The Eleonor ground breaker for the body and some fakes leg. WIP picture can be found here : http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=27295 Video will be added soon. Might add some blood dripping from her mouth and some blood...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    Well I am attempting to start up my groundbreaker collection. I am hoping they will turn out a fraction of the quality of VooDoo's. Would like to get about 5 done at a minumum. I know I am going to use liquid nails as the final coat but still not sure what the best thing would be to skin them with.
  3. Photos and Videos
    More pics here.... http://www.thecreepyhousenextdoor.com/chapter10.html
1-3 of 3 Results