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  1. Party Ideas and Recipes
    Hello everyone, I am a home haunter and pro haunter and every Nov 1st we throw and amazing party for anyone who can make it. This year we will be throwing a huge party once again at our residence and i am in need of a halloween themed meal that is reasonably priced but can feed upwards of 125...
  2. Party Ideas and Recipes
    We are hosting our first Halloween party at our home on Saturday the 29th. Do any of you experts here have any ideas for making the house scary on the inside? Any menu option ideas. Thanks, Chris, new member...
  3. Prop How-To's
    I happened to see a really good idea executed really badly at a recent visit to a Halloween Store: Wine Replacement labels for your wine bottles for a Halloween party. The faux labels are to present the bottles as blood rather than wine. The store wanted $4-$6 for totally uncreative, uninspired...
1-3 of 3 Results