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halloween props
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  1. Technological Terror
    I figured this may be of interest to many on the tech forum. Prizes for best "Crazy Costume" with tech (moving parts, effects, lights, etc.), "Haunted Smart House" (props or home modifications), and "Undead Tech" (must have tons of technology, new or old). Check it out: Halloween Hackfest
  2. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    Greetings, We over at Kindred Moon Productions have just released 7 New Halloween projection DVDS for this haunt season. With Halloween around the corner you dont want to miss out on our Haunted projection Effects which will be a hit at your haunt or home! Check us out today...
  3. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    Im receiving lots of brand new Halloween merchandise such as animated props, masks, costumes and décor many items are ready to ship. I put together a sneak peak on my blog. Please visit the link below thank you http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/2013/06/halloween-props-masks-and-decor-sneak.html
  4. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    I have lots of new Animated Halloween Props that are new and ready to ship for the 2013 Halloween season Giant Pumpkin King 7,7 foot Scarecrow Animated Prop $229.00 plus S+H No Legs Jack and Jill Halloween Props $179.00 each plus S+H you can see video here you can PM message or contact me at...
  5. Photos and Videos
    I found some videos of the project I did for Halloween from 2005 to 2009 enjoy here are the links on utube
1-5 of 5 Results