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  1. Prop How-To's
    Here is another simple method of making hands. Start with a wire frame of 18 gauge wire, tape the palm area to hold it together while you work on it. Wrap each finger with a plastic grocery bag starting at the tip and work down. Wrap the extra around the palm of the hand and tape to secure. This...
  2. Prop How-To's
    I needed to replace the hands on my bluckys and the hands needed to be bendable and hold a small amount of weight so I used this method to make them. First I made a jig to bend the wire on. I traced my hand on a board and put a finish nail (nail with no head) at each bone joint and the wrist. I...
  3. Costumes and Makeup
    Facial makeup is one thing, but what can you use on you hands that will not smear all over during the nite and that you can still remove?
1-3 of 3 Results