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  1. Press Releases and Announcements
    Hey gang, the new issue of HALLOWEEN MACHINE is live and ready to order! It's a much improved mag this time out, with a look at the yard haunt and prose of Hauntforum's own KPRIMM and PRIMMSYLVANIA. :jol: Also, "FEAR OF CLOWNS", Slabworx latex masks, early Halloween store sightings, and just a...
  2. Halloween
    Avast, Mates! I be wanting to start a social group for all Halloween-loving buccaneers! I noticed that another major forum has a pirate-themed social group (to which I belong), but that there isn't one on HauntForum. So, my question is two part: 1) does anyone here want a pirate group? And 2)...
  3. Gatherings and Events
    If something like this could happen....where would be the place to host it? comments please!
  4. News and Announcements
    Every week for the next several weeks, we here at HauntForum are going to highlight how to use the new features in a weekly Feature Spotlight. Continuing on from last week, we are now moving on to cover the new Friends system. Following suit with such social networking sites as Facebook and...
1-4 of 4 Results