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  1. Links
    Check out our Halloween blog, "Something Wicked!" My sister and I created our very own blog to pay tribute to the very best holiday. Follow along as we delve into what makes Halloween so special to us. Check our site often for posts on Halloween history, recipes, craft tutorials, and much more...
  2. Halloween
    When I was a kid, my dad, from whom I inherited much of my love for the holiday, had a book entitled Withes, Pumpkins, & Grinning Ghosts, which explored the roots of Halloween and many of the modern traditions associated with it. I wanted to know if anybody knew of a similar book, preferably a...
  3. Halloween
    Prepping for a couple of projects, I have been doing some online research about carving pumpkins. Most resources will only tell you the legend of who Jack was and repeat a sentence about origins with turnips in Ireland. But thankfully some people have gone to great lengths to collect and...
1-3 of 3 Results