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    Good evening creeps! Not really a 'press release' as such but it looks like a good place to post it.... Ghoulshow and I have been hard at work creating a carnival themed track for your haunts It's a dark carnival themed piece of music written for halloween haunts here is the link to grab a...
  2. Press Releases and Announcements
    Despite their better judgment, JT & Baker meet up again at The Last Bar on the Left for another all-you-can-drink Shocktail Hour. This time around they recap the Media Film Festival & upcoming genre events, Alice Cooper's new multimedia project, new movie previews, as well as reviews of...
  3. Sponsor and Vendor Forum
    I just wanted to let you all know about my new CD out this summer 'Welcome to the horror show' It is a full cd of ambient horror soundtracks and a few more modern sounding songs that are designed to create an atmosphere. You can check out and get some free download songs here, a couple of...
  4. Press Releases and Announcements
    As if JT & Baker haven't seen enough of each other after Transworld (and killed enough brain & liver cells), the boys return to the Last Bar on the Left to kick off Season 2 of Shocktail Hour with even more booze-fueled shenanigans. After a recap of their con trip, they cover upcoming events...
  5. Press Releases and Announcements
    Here's mud in yer eyes, boils & ghouls! JT & Baker return to the Last Bar on the Left & chug some pints while busting balls & babbling about horror. This month they cover upcoming events & cons, new genre TV pilots, preview new film releases and review Mama, The Sorcerer & The White Snake, Come...
  6. Press Releases and Announcements
    Shocktail Hour is an all Horror show featuring movies, TV, comic, books, magazines, collectables, conventions and anything else horror related. Shocktail hour will run in-between episodes of Hauntcast if it's Resurrected. The sneak peak pilot episode is available now http://hauntcast.net/
  7. Horror
    I was just thinking about some of my favorite horror video games from when I was a kid the other day and was wondering what everyone favorite horror video games, old or new, are? My all-time favorite was "Zombies ate my Neighbors" for the SNES. "Friday the 13th" for the NES was also a good...
  8. Off-Topic
    Struggling writer, Richard Porter, is facing a deadline that could change his life. Huddled away in his dark, murky apartment, Richard sweats over the last few pages of his novel, one that has the opportunity to become published. But, in the midst of his poorly timed writer's block, he is faced...
  9. Off-Topic
    Just finished a brand NEW short horror film for this Halloween!!! Enjoy! >:D
  10. Horror
    This is a 16mm short film I made a few years ago... :devil:
  11. Horror
    I was hired to direct an episode of BlackBoxTV on YouTube. Should be coming out soon, here's some behind the scenes sneak peeks! I'm very excited about it :D
  12. Horror
    Hello, fellow Spookables! This is something that's been on my mind for a while: what is the #1 Halloween movie? Different people have different films that put them in the Halloween mind-state. For me, it's close tie between John Carpenter's Halloween, and Trick 'r Treat. If anyone has a movie...
  13. Horror
    In the spirit of the Halloween season, I threw together this short film. SEE IT...BEFORE YOU TAKE A DUMP.
  14. Horror
    Street Date August 5, 2008 Baby Blues:Colleen Porch, Ridge Canipe - A young ten-year-old boy, Jimmy is forced to protect his siblings from an evil that threatens them no their family farm. Blood and Sex Nightmare:Something is stalking the guests at Pleasure Mountain Adult Retreat. A 40 year...
1-14 of 14 Results