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  1. Pneumatics
    I have an air compresser and a pneumatic door closer the end of it is off so air can go in i have some attachments to the compresser a thin long one and a blue plastic cone i would like to know how to attach the compresser to it without welding the closer is made of steel and i was also...
  2. General Prop Discussion
    I am working on an idea for a hot glue web gun that does not use a compressor. I will use the outlet of a vacuum cleaner. I have 1 1/4" sump pump hose and a few fittings to get the air where it needs to go. I will post more as I move along. I need ideas for a way to divert some of the air away...
  3. Showroom
    these are a cross between snails and slugs..Snaugs Just some seashells I have, then added body of hot glue. Painted white then stained..Big is aged oak, Small is walnut.. I figuered these will go good in my snake area.
  4. Showroom
    Some you have seen already marble stone with reaper-beaded styro mine and hubbys-couch cushion foam Ghoulbugs-beaded styro Tubers-pvc and couch cushion foam I made this one for a friend whos baby was killed by her babysitter from shaken baby-beaded styro all lettering and the...
1-4 of 4 Results