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  1. Gatherings and Events
    Here are two slideshows I made for the Ironstock Anniversary Ironstock Montage Ironstock Funeral
  2. Welcome Room
    :zombie: Hello , I'm new to Haunt Forum , just registered , & looking to connect with friends from Ironstock , & to let those going to Transworld in March know that our Haunt will be open that weekend . If you'd like info send me an email , & I'll send you our website . Hope to find lots of good...
  3. Gatherings and Events
    I'll be heading up the the final fashion show for IronStock this year. If anyone is interested in showing off a piece or two of something you have put together and feel pretty proud of get hold of me. This is it...get your 15 seconds of fame in!!
  4. Press Releases and Announcements
    Now that the excitement has wound down, and Ironstock is put to bed for another year, I want to take time to thank everyone that attended this year. And most especially I want to thank all of those that always amaze me with their volunteering labors to pull this event together. Although...
  5. Gatherings and Events
    Here are a few photos from IronStock taken by Vampire Damien: Ironstock 08 pictures by staffordmanorhalloween - Photobucket
1-5 of 5 Results