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  1. Light and Sound
    Has anyone successfully used or know if the FightIdeas Director Software can run LED lights using the Holiday Coro RGB Controllers? I am using Director with BooBox Flex and thinking of upgrading lighting to this "dumb" controller from Holiday Coro. I know you can run LEDs from the BooBox but it...
  2. Technological Terror
    After two years of setting up my haunt with 100 different spotlights wired to a 12V power source, I've gotten tired with so many wires running all over my lawn and 70 spotlights sticking up all over the place. It looks awesome at night, but not during the day. I've been mulling over some...
  3. Photos and Videos
    Just a few pics. The video is somehow hung up on Youtube which hasn't been working for me since Halloween. http://goneferalinid.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-few-photos-from-halloween-2012.html
  4. Light and Sound
    In a hurry to get a few last minute things together, I couldn't find any cheap metal lanterns I liked. So I had a few cardboard tubes I wasn't using and some drafting mylar left over from work. Simple project, took about 20 minutes to make these 2 and I used a small LED tea light inside each...
1-4 of 4 Results