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  1. Showroom
    I made two and have two more in the works. Same process as the other PVC candles you will find on this site. I used cardboard tube instead so I could easily cut the out the faces. One LED inside and one on top. thanks for looking DZ
  2. Technological Terror
    RGB LED DMX Lights First, I need to give credit where credit is due. While I (like many haunters) want to believe we were the first to see a pile of junk and become inspired to say "I can make something out of that!" I am not the first to do this type of project. I think more haunters will...
  3. Light and Sound
    Last season we built all of our own LED lighting using this tutorial from Allen Hopps: They worked great for us! But this year I want to expand on the idea and built some multi LED spots and mini floods. I've got it all figured out as to how i'm going to build these, but i need some LED...
  4. Prop How-To's
    Made a quick video last night showing how I made my DMX RGB Floodlight, and a short demonstration of the light in action.
  5. Light and Sound
    I have an idea for a toxic barrel type prop and I am in need of bright GREEN lighting to put at the bottom, preferably LED and if possible battery powered. The barrel will obviously be filled with water, so I need to know if anyone knows a good solution on the cheap? I was thinking maybe rope...
  6. Technological Terror
    Has anyone tried using Fiber Obtic cable to get a nice, non-point light for something like eyes? I like the whole eye-glow effect, but really don't like the artificial point source of an LED. I was thinking about inserting a bunch of FO lines all around the cavity of an eye socket. Then either...
  7. Technological Terror
    Okay, I've been following along with niblique71's LED Spotlight tutorial, and made some of the lights. Then I got to thinking, I like the little LED Flickering candles for my Paper Mache pumpkins, but they aren't bright enough for my taste. What if I were to take the idea of 12v power supply...
  8. Technological Terror
    Hi there. I'm a newbie to electrical circuitry, but I have done some simple projects with LEDs and 9v Batteries. I am making a bunch of LED spots and was wondering how difficult it would be to somehow control them so that they dim and different LEDs are light at different times. I'd like to...
  9. Light and Sound
    Here is my new project, or at least vision for my 2011 haunt. I want to do all DIY on the cheap great looking LED lighting that isn't all battery powered for ease of use and to be "green". Lets face it, a lot of the early DIY LED posts are broken or antiquated. Let's try to make this current...
  10. Finishing Touches
    I have a skull that is Dryloc'd and painted white inside with red LED lights. Why black inside of a prop when illuminating from the inside? I have always painted them black inside but why not use the white? Does the white reduce the glow or eeriness? Thanks, in advance, for the advise!
  11. Light and Sound
    I am looking at making some Blue/UV spots. My question is how many LEDs would I need for a 16 by 24 inch Tombstone?
  12. Costumes and Makeup
    Here's a DIY Godzilla costume. The head is largely paper-mache, with light-up LED eyes. Felt costume with cardboard spines. http://www.creatrope.com/blog/make/godzilla-costume/
  13. Technological Terror
    Hey guys, Any suggestions for wiring 5 or more LED spotlights I'm making to a single 12V DC adapter? I would like to have the spots (film canisters) located in different areas but receiving power from one source. Thanks!
  14. Light and Sound
    We just got 6 110v Color Changing LED spotlights in the mail on the 6th as well as some solid colors, direct from good ol' Hong Kong. Jen took some photos and updated our blog about it. Check em out over at: http://www.euclidboo.com/wordpress/halloween-yard-haunt-goes-led/ I'm sure some of you...
1-14 of 14 Results