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  1. Light and Sound
    What do you put your lights in to place them? I have several light bulbs, and lamps that ive been using, but i dont like them because they are big and difficult to hide. I want something cheep to put them in outside and inside. Any suggestion? Also i prefer minimal cords.
  2. Light and Sound
    Hi all, Seeing the prevalence of the colored CFL's on the shelves are a welcome addition to my haunt. I've always cringed of the amount of high watt floods I've used in previous years not to mention how the colored floods typically haze and peel. I bought a few colored CFL's to test and am...
  3. Prop How-To's
    Here is a basic witch jar tute.
  4. Prop How-To's
    Something I use every Halloween: Fluttering lights. Be it for faltering electrical effects or fire. And I hate to just use a constant "on" light---even to illuminate my displays. I've purchased some flicker generators, but they cost (usually) upwards of $40 if you can even find them. (I actually...
  5. Technological Terror
    One of the threads recently asked about books or DVDs, with examples that describe different prop controllers and how they are used. I don't want to use this thread to link to all the sources...the web is full of them. Rather, I'd like to try illustrate what I believe is the basic...
  6. Light and Sound
    Does anybody know where to get some CHEAP Strobe lights, Blacklights, and Flood Lights?
1-6 of 6 Results