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  1. Showroom
    This is the second in a series of 3 that Im making. The process is similar as the 1st. PVC for spine and shoulders. Ribs are coat hangers covered with tinfoil then covered with mache strips. Drylock and spar to waterproof, finally Stiltbeast's plastic corpsing method. thanks for looking DZ
  2. Prop How-To's
    Hi folks! Here's a mini tutorial I did for one of my favourite props of 2012. I'll include some pictures below. I call this guy Timmy. I used blue shop towels and Welbond paper mache on the arms, hands and legs. These were the exposed parts and I liked the texture for them. However for the...
  3. Showroom
    I made this ground breaker over the past few days. The spine is PVC the ribs are coat hanger covered in mache strips. The head is a foam skull from Target or Walgreens. Coat of drylock then Spar urethane. Stiltbeast method of corpsesing with plastic wrap. Final paints were done with an air...
  4. Showroom
    Pumpkinhead Scarecrow Poor Fester Pumpkinhead has been around for long time. Finally a body befitting such a pretty face. Fester is one of the first props I ever made. Traditional Paper Mache over garbage bag. He's had many uses over the years, this year I thought he deserved a proper...
  5. Showroom
    Here's my centerpiece props for this years display. HER and IT.
  6. General Prop Discussion
    Zombie Disco Panic...That's what I call it, anyway... Zombie=undead monster, Disco=I plan on using lighting & effects so they appear to move, & Panic= I plan on there appearance in a large group to be sudden & panic inducing. Here is the 1st ½-ish of the army so far. I now plan to make a total...
  7. Showroom
    "The EFF is this?" said the Bitter Man through cracked, old lips. The merciless dousing of early October had subsided, and left in its damp wake a trio of Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms atop Bitter Man's crown. The lingering sogginess and sudden change in weather opened his eyes for the first time...
  8. General Prop Discussion
    I don't get it. What keeps the flour from molding or attracting critters, when you use flour in papier mache? Do you add bleach before using, as Stolloween suggested? Or does sealing it simply keep the air out, thus preventing mold?
  9. Showroom
    My not-so-mini-mache project is finished and ready to get to work making TOTs run screaming into the night. A semi-daylight shot: PS001 by Femurs make great walking sticks. PS002 by PS003 by A little mood lighting: PS004 by Spooky1 got a gorgeous head shot: . by
  10. General Prop Discussion
    Figured I'd better prove I can do more than just "cute" when it comes to props. This little project is a prop that Spooky1 wanted to add to our yard display this year. He's very much a work-in-progress at this point and will be about three feet in height when finished. The inspiration for the...
  11. Showroom
    The Pumpkin Squid, so named because of the tentacles that surround its mouth, has only recently been determined to be one of the major causes of pumpkin loss in home gardens. Unlike rabbits, deer, and groundhogs that may indiscriminately leave a half-eaten shell, the pumpkin squid invariably...
  12. Showroom
    Here is my first prop for the year. He's just a little guy who likes candles and hanging out with the neighbors: He loves lights: DSCF1115 by He thinks gargoyles are the coolest thing going: DSCF1135 by He shares his secrets with corpsed torsos: DSCF1137 by Godzilla is his hero...
  13. General Prop Discussion
    I was going to wait until I was finished with this piece before showing it, but I'm kind of excited about this little guy, so..... The actual inspiration for starting something was this item given to us by Spooky1's sister-in-law: 001 by Not being something we would normally buy for...
1-13 of 13 Results