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  1. North TX/OK Make and Take
    I saw this and thought it looks great and will go well with what I am doing this fall. http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=31746 Anyone up for a Make and take in August? I can host and if it get's too hot we can swim in the pool. So let's call it a "make, take and swim".
  2. Make and Take Groups
    I am organizing this site to be used as a fourum to discuss make and take projects, arrange gatherings and the sharing of idea. First Step- Lets create the group.
  3. MA Make and Take
    I'm hosting a M&T this Sunday June 13th. The project will be cemetery columns for Denny and myself, but you can bring your own project. For July, it's either Sunday the 11th or 18th. The project is using the ping sensor with the prop 1 controller and adding vmusic2 audio. We really could use...
  4. AZ Make and Take
    Hey guys! Our next Make & Take is scheduled for October 18th, 2008. We'll be vacuum forming and demonstrating/working on a Pepper's Ghost scene! Our last M&T was HUGE with a number of new people attending (I believe we had a solid 12 people attend!). This one is sure to be a great success, with...
1-4 of 4 Results