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  1. Costumes and Makeup
    I understand how pax paint works but can you use liquid latex instead of prosaide?
  2. Costumes and Makeup
    this year im going a very professional look for my costume, as it will be judge. my question is do you know of any online pre-made gelatin prosthetic shops? personally i would like to free hand and sculpt my own but im short on time and thats something i need to learn. i already know of...
  3. Costumes and Makeup
    Debbie, Courtney and myself attended a makeup and mask making class Taught by Matt Valentine, This past weekend and this is the sculpt I came up with.
  4. Costumes and Makeup
    So due to the new jobs I've acquired, I don't seem to have a lot of free time (but whoa boy is having money again nice, I certainly do like eating every day!) and with trying to fund my movie still, I had to make a decision to either work on costumes or a Halloween display. Since it's one of my...
  5. Costumes and Makeup
    Here I am as Beetlejuice and my best mate, Jody aka DJ Lydia Beatz (get it, haha!) as the gorgeous Lydia Deetz! These were actually our second night costumes that we wore for the club night Rue Morgue which she was a DJ at. The night before was the much more labour intensive costume that I...
  6. Costumes and Makeup
    My wife and I decided that we wanted to try our hand at creating some Day of the Dead make up effects for our kids' costumes this year. You can kind of tell by the style of the teeth, that I did the make up for our two youngest kids on the left and our oldest on the right. My wife did her...
1-6 of 6 Results