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  1. Showroom
    Just finished the mask for my costume this year. It's paper mach with a top layer of tissues for texture, crackle spray paint for extra surface detail, and Sculpey clay for the teeth. More pictures here.
  2. Costumes and Makeup
    Kissy-Face! Ya' know ya' want a big Ol' kiss... I was just going to call it hungry... It's not another Venetian Carnival masks*, but the beginnings a new mask that a night of useful Insomnia produced**. More later, tired now. (* But made the same way...) (** now I'm tired and...
  3. Showroom
    This was my first serious attempt at a paper mache mask. Eventually, I want to use it as the face for a full scarecrow, but as I am currently lacking in storage space for a large prop, that will have to wait. Used a plastic mask blank for the base, tissues for the top layer of mache to give...
  4. Costumes and Makeup
    Please do NOT be gentle; if this is way dumber than I think, please tell me how or why. Admittedly, it is very asymmetrical, but I like that about it. Also will look better once I don the cloak and black out my eyes, etc.
  5. Costumes and Makeup
    Posted on ebay - Posted on ebay by one of you perhaps?
  6. General Prop Discussion
    What would you make if you had one of these: http://www.riversideonline.com/source/images/slideshow/c22_rtimmbilize2.jpg
  7. Costumes and Makeup
    There's a really gorgeous Japanese SFX make up book that I guess is out of print now and commanding some high prices. If I get some time, I might scan in some of their really awesome finished looks. Amazon.com: A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Conceptual Artwork by Japanese Makeup...
1-7 of 8 Results