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    Still working on the backstory, but I wanted to get a pic up. My first use of Kirkland yard bags and a heat gun (technique blatently ripped off from SpookySam.. Thanks Man!:D) I was using burlap and latex carpet glue but took it all off when I read about Sam's technique. Took about an hour for...
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    My first attempts at LN corpsing. Thanks for the skulls Scourge, and thanks to all here for the inspiration!
  3. Showroom
    this is my new demon Hesikia he was made possible with the help of Lauriebeast for the idea of celuclay and explained how to use it and Dave the Dead fro help on the wings I'm so grateful for the awsome people here at haunt forum
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    Twins from the factory--one with a little jaw surgery, dental work, and paint job. Done by the husband unit--nice when there's two in one family who are into this sort of thing!
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    Just putting up a few pics. of my mirror. It really looks better in person but I just needed to show it off some where and my wife won't let me put it outside yet! Sorry, shoiuld have flipped the pics. first
  6. Showroom
    I am obsessed with making tombstones. :D Here are a few that I've made this year.
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    Like many others, I couldn't resist getting one of those wire reindeer with the moving heads that go on sale after Christmas and giving him a little modification . . .
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    I've mentioned in another thread that I was assisting in the construction of a TPC. At the time we didn't have any pics. Don't have any of construction but I do have 2 pics of the completed TPC. 1 is of the empty TPC, the other with my friend in it.
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    here are 2 of my cheap props for this year The tombstone was made from a Dollar Tree cooler, a 50 cent clearance cherub,a piece of scrap styrofoam from work, and a garden angel I had around the yard. I think it turned out pretty good, especially for the $1.50 I have in it The skelly was Big...
  10. Showroom
    I just wanted to share some pics of my fcg's new home.I was pretty happy with the way it turned out. I added a glowing green shadow box to the front of it as well as a led gargoyle topper.I used a cowlacious sound card and speakers for the sound.It took a bit of work but it made a nice center...
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    I worked on this piece back in September, but couldn't release the pics until now. The client is MonsterQuest, for a show airing Wednesday February 25 on the History Channel at 9:00. They needed a full-size creature that matched the eyewitnesses unique take on what it is they saw... a first for...
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    Hi, here is my first attemp at paper mache. Also my first finish project of the year...about time i guess :)
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    Here is a picture of our entrance. It isn't completely done (as you can tell from the mess of stuff in the background) but we had to have it set up for a picture that will be in the paper. :googly:
  14. Showroom
    Ok, I wasn't sure if I should post this or not, because it did not turn out as good as Ghoul Friday's peek-a-boo plant but I think am pleased with the outcome. I am not a good painter, so my eye's didn't turn out the best.
  15. Showroom
    Hi all My 7 yo daughter did this one by herself..snotrag mache on a bucky skull..... she's currently working on a styro head. will post more pics when she's done.
1-15 of 15 Results